Get Affordable Irish Home Insurance with These Tips

Getting insurance from your home can get expensive. Get an affordable plan with these useful tips.


What and Where?


Discussions with your preferred insurer will partly focus on the type of property you have and its general location, while accounting for market rates in that area. Many insurance brokers accept online application forms which will require important data such as the amount of buildings and contents cover, and the type of heating system used in the residence. The broker will then analyse and arrange a suitable premium for your property with their partner insurance providers.

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Basic Insurance Facts Every Irish Car Owner Should Know

Car accidents happen. The only way to protect against them is to take out some insurance. Before you even begin browsing car insurance quotes, here is the most important thing you should know: Car insurance anywhere in Ireland and the UK is legally compulsory, and you’d be committing an offence if you drove a car anywhere without being properly insured. Car insurance policies vary greatly depending on the specific driver and vehicle, but almost all of them can be put into three main categories: Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Fully Comprehensive.
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Home Insurance Quotes Made Simple

We are all well aware that home insurance is an essential financial vehicle to protect a property and its contents. Many industry experts warn, however, that it will not be long before these premiums once again rise throughout Ireland. It is, therefore, important to look over a few key pointers when searching for a policy that will help save time and money.

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Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Costs

Whether you’re new to driving or the time to renew your policy is upon you, it’s always worth trying to find ways to reduce your car insurance. Research has found that drivers in Ireland who switch providers save an average of €102, which presents a good case for shopping around. However, are there other ways you could keep your costs down?

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Getting a Great Deal on Home Insurance

Did you know that, in insuring a three-bedroom bungalow, you can save as much as €421 if you know how to shop around for home insurance? Searching for other quotes is one thing, but there are other things you should remember to land a great home insurance deal that best suits your needs. Continue reading

Ways to Save on your Car Insurance Premium

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