Get Affordable Irish Home Insurance with These Tips

Getting insurance from your home can get expensive. Get an affordable plan with these useful tips.


What and Where?


Discussions with your preferred insurer will partly focus on the type of property you have and its general location, while accounting for market rates in that area. Many insurance brokers accept online application forms which will require important data such as the amount of buildings and contents cover, and the type of heating system used in the residence. The broker will then analyse and arrange a suitable premium for your property with their partner insurance providers.

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Home Insurance Quotes Made Simple

We are all well aware that home insurance is an essential financial vehicle to protect a property and its contents. Many industry experts warn, however, that it will not be long before these premiums once again rise throughout Ireland. It is, therefore, important to look over a few key pointers when searching for a policy that will help save time and money.

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Getting a Great Deal on Home Insurance

Did you know that, in insuring a three-bedroom bungalow, you can save as much as €421 if you know how to shop around for home insurance? Searching for other quotes is one thing, but there are other things you should remember to land a great home insurance deal that best suits your needs. Continue reading

Home Insurance: Coverage against Natural Disasters

Living in an island surrounded by the ocean can subject your area to the capriciousness of the weather. The residents who live in the coastal part of the country are especially more vulnerable to the ravages of heavy storms, strong winds, and flooding. Frozen pipes in homes also commonly occur, along with other water-related damages, which makes it important to get yourself a home insurance with the right coverage.

Icy weather, along with storms and high winds, can cause a lot of damage to your roof and pipes; when this happens, home repairs can get very expensive. To protect yourself from emergency expenses due to weather-related damages to your home, make sure you are financially ready to pay for the needed repairs. You need to check, however, that storm damage is covered by your home insurance policy.
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Getting a Home Insurance Quote

Getting a home insurance quote can be one of the more comforting aspects of home ownership or tenancy. Whether the insurance is to cover the building exclusively or its contents only, or some combination of the two, having a few prepared questions before looking for a home insurance quote can help make the process run smoother and give the peace of mind that all important concerns will be addressed immediately, and not after the policy is written.

Which of the following situations will be covered under the insurance policy?

  • burst pipes (escape of water) 

  • falling trees 

  • fire 

  • flooding 

  • riots 

  • storms 

  • subsidence 

  • theft 

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