Homebuyer Regrets: Not Getting Insurance and More

Buying a home is a momentous decision. It’s easy, however, to make a mistake while doing it. With that in mind, it pays to know what homeowners today regret the most to avoid making the same mistakes.

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Simple Tips to Reduce Car Insurance Cost

Car insurance is a necessity, but some people opt to get only the most basic coverage to avoid a high premium. If you want to get better coverage without having to spend too much on premium costs, consider the pointers below.

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Car Insurance in Ireland: Three Types of Coverage You Can Choose From

On the provider’s side, a number of factors are considered when presenting car insurance quotes, including the driver’s experience, previous driving convictions and penalty points, and the main use of the car.

Those looking for insurance should bear in mind that different providers could offer different rates, even with the same factors considered, so it pays to shop around. The best insurance brokers like Simply Insure have user-friendly online tools that make it easy for shoppers to compare rates and find the coverage that suits their needs and budget.

A Few Tips on How You Can Strike an Excellent Home Insurance Deal

The National Consumer Agency (NCA) has stressed time and again that consumers can save a lot on their home insurance by merely shopping around, rather than sticking with one adjuster. A survey conducted by the foremost consumer welfare organization in Ireland proves it—a differential of €421 on the price of insuring a three-bedroom bungalow in a locale like Midleton, Co Cork, between the cheapest quote at €279 and the priciest one at €700.