Getting a Home Insurance Quote

Getting a home insurance quote can be one of the more comforting aspects of home ownership or tenancy. Whether the insurance is to cover the building exclusively or its contents only, or some combination of the two, having a few prepared questions before looking for a home insurance quote can help make the process run smoother and give the peace of mind that all important concerns will be addressed immediately, and not after the policy is written.

Which of the following situations will be covered under the insurance policy?

  • burst pipes (escape of water) 

  • falling trees 

  • fire 

  • flooding 

  • riots 

  • storms 

  • subsidence 

  • theft 

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Pointers in Finding the Right Insurance Coverage

Finding young drivers’ insurance, insurance for lady drivers, as well as van and caravan insurance isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are some great companies out there that can not only make the process easier, but also give you incredibly competitive rates. The following is a list of pointers that could help you find the right coverage for your unique needs.

Tip 1: Know the Company You’re Working With

There are basically two different types of insurance agents: captive or exclusive, and independent agents or brokers. Exclusive agents represent only one insurance company, and typically can only offer one price for an insurance policy. On the other hand, independent agents or brokers can help you shop around for an insurance policy, and present various options with regard to premium, coverage, and insurer. While each type of agent offers its own benefits, you might want to work with a broker if you want to do comparison shopping. Continue reading